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Title: Love Live! X Pokémon: Pokémon Trainer Project
Rating: PG
Prompt: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou
Fandom/Series: Love Live! School Idol Project, Pokémon
Word Count: 5875 words
Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s).
Summary: Honoka Kosaka learnt that her region's Pokémon League will be dissolved in three years. In order to save it, Honoka decides to become a Pokémon Trainer to challenge the Pokémon League.
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Love Live! X Pokémon: Pokémon Trainer Project 


[Breaking News: Pokémon League Chairperson Minami’s Announcement]

A crowd of journalists and camera crews were in a press conference room waiting as Chairperson Minami entered the room and walked to a pedestal.

“You are live on OTV as we cross to a press conference at the Pokémon League where an important announcement from the elusive League Champion.”

“Thank you all for attending. As you all know, due to the lack of challengers facing the Champion in sanctioned Pokémon battles, the Champion has decided to issue an ultimatum which I will read.”

Chairperson Minami opened up a letter. “Recently, no Trainer has managed to get past A-RISE to challenge the current League Champion. I do hope that there are many potential Pokémon trainers who will face me in a Pokémon battle. However, I fear that I may not have the patience for that day to come. If there is no one who can challenge me within three years, I will resign as League Champion and this region’s League will be dissolved."


In a small town, the Homura Sweet Shop is known region-wide for its famous Manju. Inside the shop, two Pokémon Trainers were sitting at a table watching the press conference on TV.

“So, it’s finally happening,” said the blue-haired girl. “I’m surprised that your mother didn’t mention anything about this to you, Kotori.”

“My mother is the Chairperson in charge of the League, so she prefers to keep things professional when it involves important League matters,” Kotori explained. “After all, she can’t be seen showing favouritism towards the Gym Leader who happens to be her daughter, Umi.”

Umi nodded. “True.”

At that moment, a third girl wearing a white apron entered the room with a plate of Manju. “Here’s a new batch I’ve made. Dig in.”

“Thank you, Honaka,” said Kotori as she took a bite out of the Manju.

Umi ate her Manju and said, “You know, you would have probably become the League Champion if you didn’t have to make your famous Manju.”

“Aw, Umi, you give me too much credit. I mean, even though I defeated you and Kotori in Pokémon battles in the past, I don’t think I would be able to take on A-RISE in battle. I mean, I’m happy just making my world famous Manju and selling them to people who love eating it.”

“Then, I guess you won’t mind if Pokémon League is dissolved,” said Umi.

“What do you mean?”

Kotori pointed at the TV. “Didn’t you hear the news? They are shutting down the Pokémon league in three years because no one has ever defeated A-RISE and challenged the Champion.”

“What will happen to all of the Pokémon trainers in this region? What happens to the Gyms if there is no League?”

At that moment, a customer wearing a red cap entered the store. “Excuse me, but can I have half a dozen your famous Manju?”

Honaka ran to the counter with tears in her eyes. “Did you hear the news? They say that Pokémon League’s going to get dissolved!”

The customer was taken aback by Honoka's outburst. “Yes, Honoka, I heard about it. But you don’t have to get into a panic about it. They said that it will happen in three years if no one defeats A-RISE and challenge the Champion.”

"I know you've been a regular customer to our store, but you're a Pokémon Trainer. Maybe you can defeat A-RISE and save our League."

Umi stood up. "Honoka, you can't just ask some random Pokémon trainer to go and challenge A-RISE. It's not that easy. Before anyone can challenge A-RISE, they must first defeat the eight Gym Leaders and collect the Gym badges."

"She is correct," said the customer. "Those eight badges are physical proof that a Trainer is strong enough to face A-RISE. And only by defeating A-RISE would a trainer gain the right to face the Champion."

"I'm sorry about that." Honoka apologetically bowed to the customer as she handed the customer a bag filled with the order of Manju. “I know you’re a regular customer, but I want to tell you that this is probably the last day I’m making my famous Manju.”


Honoka removed her apron. "I realized that I can’t ask somebody else to do something that I can do myself. So I'm going to save our Pokémon League."


Honoka ran to her room and opened her wardrobe, revealing a belt with six Poké Balls attached that she hasn't touch since she started selling her famous Manjus.

"Honoka, are you sure you want to do this?" Kotori asked. "You’re choosing to abandon your life of selling your famous Manju to become a Pokémon Trainer."

"At first, I stopped battling because I thought I was satisfied just selling my Manju to Pokémon Trainers and putting smiles on their faces when they enjoy eating it. But if the Pokémon League gets closed down, they there won't be any Trainers to sell my Manju to and I won't be able to see their smiles. I have to something."

Umi stood in front of Honoka's room door. “So, you are going to challenge the Pokémon League?”

Honoka puts on the belt containing the Poké Balls. “Yes. I realized that if I truly want to save our Pokémon League, I have to do it.”

“If that is your decision, then we must be ready,” said Umi. "Kotori, we must return to our Gyms."

Kotori looked at Honoka. “Umi and I will wait for you at our respective gyms to face your challenge, Honoka."

"If you can beat us, then we'll know if you are capable of challenging A-RISE," said Umi.


After a short journey and a quick refresher course in Pokémon battling, Honoka arrived at the first Pokémon Gym. As Honoka stepped inside, she found herself inside what appears to be a Maid Café. Honoka was greeted by a maid at the door.

"Welcome to Minalinsky's Pokémon Gym. Are you here to challenge the Gym Leader?"

"Yes. I'm Honoka Kosaka and I'm here to challenge the Gym Leader."

"Understood," said the maid as she led Honoka further into the Café into a large battle arena. The Gym Leader was sitting at a table drinking a cup of tea.

"I have been waiting, Honoka. Are you ready for your first Gym Battle?" Kotori placed her cup on the table.

Honoka nodded. "Yes, let's do this."

"Because you have no badges, I will only use two Pokémon for this battle. If you defeat both of my Pokémon, you will be rewarded my Gym Badge. Now, let us enter our Wonder Zone!"

Kotori sent out her first Pokémon, a Taillow.

Honoka responded by sending out her Charmander.

The maid that escorted Honoka to the battlefield stood on a stage. "I will be the referee for this official Pokémon Gym Battle. The first match is between Leader Kotori's Taillow and Challenger Honoka's Charmander. Begin!"

"Taillow, Aerial Ace!"

"Charmander, try to dodge and follow up with Ember!"

Taillow flew close to the ground and struck Charmander. But Charmander managed to fling small sparks of flames at Taillow, doing some damage.

"Aerial Ace cannot be dodged. Honoka, I know you're much better than this," said Kotori. "Back when we were 10 years old, you're the best trainer among the three of us. You've beaten Umi and me more times in battle than I can remember."

Honoka smiled. "Sorry Kotori, I've been a bit rusty after selling lots of Manju. I just needed to get back into my old rhythm. Charmander, use Metal Claw!"

"Taillow, Aerial Ace!"

Taillow flew low again towards Charmander, but Charmander was ready this time, unleashing its Metal Claw at Taillow, knocking it out in one hit.

"Taillow has been knocked out! Charmander wins the round."

"You did well, Taillow. Take a good rest." Kotori recalled her Taillow. "I'm glad you're back, Honoka. Now, I won't hold back for this battle. Altaria, let's dance!"

Kotori sent out her next Pokémon, a Flying/Dragon type Pokémon covered in fluffy white feathers. "Isn't my Altaria adorable? It's so fluffy."

"Err, Leader Kotori, we're in a middle of a battle," the Referee reminded Kotori.

"Sorry," Kotori apologized. "Don't hold back just because you're my friend, Honoka! If you want to save our Pokémon League, you need to give everything you got for this battle. Embrace the Wonderful Rush of our battle!"

"Anyway, round 2, Leader Kotori's Altaria vs. Challenger Honoka's Charmander. Begin!"

"Altaria, attack with Dragon breath!"

'Kotori's Altaria has the advantage over Charmander.' Honoka calmly analyzed the situation. "Charmander, dodge and use Dragon Rage!"

Charmander dodged Altaria's attack and breathed out a burst of flames at Altaria, doing a lot of damage.

"Altaria, use Aerial Ace."

"Now's your chance, Charmander, use Metal Claw!"

Both Altaria and Charmander's attacks clashed, with Charmander's attack being stronger, knocking Altaria out.

"Altaria has been knocked out. The winner is Charmander."

"Awesome! Good job, Charmander." Suddenly, Charmander glowed white. "My Charmander's evolving."

As the glow faded, Honoka's Charmander had evolved into a Charmeleon.

"Congratulations, Honoka. Your Pokémon has evolved. And you have earned this Gym's Bird Badge."

Honoka accepted the badge. "Thanks, Kotori. Now, it's on to the next gym."


Honoka arrived at the next Gym, which happened to be in a dojo.

Umi was meditating near a pond. "I've been waiting for you, Honoka."

Umi stood up and left the meditation area. She picked up a towel to dry herself. "I've heard about your victory against Kotori, so I assume that you're here for my badge."

Honoka nods. "Yes. I'm here to challenge you, Umi."

Seeing the determination in Honoka's eyes, Umi smiled. "Very well, Let us enter the arena for our battle."

Umi and Honoka stood on opposite sides of an aquatic battlefield with various platforms on the large pool of water.

"As Gym Leader, I will give everything I have in this Official Gym Battle. Defeat two of my Pokémon in this battle and you shall earn my badge."

Honoka unclipped a Poké Ball from her belt."It has been a while since I've last battled you, Umi, so I won't hold back either."

"No matter what happens, let us advance towards tomorrow." Umi tossed her Poké Ball, sending out her Buizel. "Go, Buizel."

"Let's go, Gyarados!"

Umi smiled. 'I'm glad to see the same determined Honoka that I remembered has returned.'

Buizel was quickly knocked out by an Aqua Tail from Gyarados.

"It's alright, Buizel. You deserve a good rest." Umi recalled her Buizel and took out another Poké Ball. "You may have defeated one of my Pokémon, but this match isn't over yet. Milotic, show everyone your beautiful dance"

"Okay, let's do this Gyarados. Aqua Tail!"

"Respond with your own Aqua Tail, Milotic!"

Both Gyarados and Milotic's tails clashed, causing a massive wave in the poll of water.

"Milotic, use Dragon Tail!"

"Gyarados, counter with Twister!"

Gyarados began to spin around in the water, sending a vicious spiral of water at Milotic, doing a lot of damage.


"Now, let's end it with Aqua Tail." Gyarados swung its tail and Milotic, knocking it out, giving Honoka the victory.

"You've defeated me, Honoka. I shouldn't be surprised, but at least I now know you are capable of facing the other six Gym Leaders. I shall award you my Gym's Sea Badge and I wish you good luck in your Pokémon League Challenge."


Honoka's next Gym match was against its Grass-type Gym Leader Hanayo Koizumi. Even though Honoka's Charmeleon had the type advantage, Hanayo's Bellosom didn't mean that it was an easy victory as Honoka would have expected. But with one final Flamethrower from Charmeleon, Honoka secured victory and her third Gym Badge.

"Unbelievable," said Hanayo as she handed her Gym Badge to Honoka. "I gave it my all and yet I was defeated. With your victory, you have earned my Rice Badge. Could it be that you are the one who can take on A-RISE?"

Honoka smiled. "Well, the only way for me to find out is to get the remaining five Gym Badges."

"If that's the case, I wish you luck," said Hanayo. "You must beat A-RISE if there is a future for our League."


The next Gym Battle against Rin Hoshizora and her team of Fighting-type Pokémon that took a bit of effort on Honoka's part, but it ended in a victory when Honoka's Lucario defeated Rin's Scrafty.

Rin smiled as she gave Honoka her Gym badge. "You're amazing. As expected from an opponent who has defeated Kayo-chin. It's definitely worth giving you my Star Badge for such an exciting battle."

Honoka added the badge to her Badge case. 'Four Gym badges. Another four more gyms to defeat.'


"Have you heard the news?"

"The one about the famous Manju maker who decided to challenge the Gyms?"

"She's already defeated four Gyms in less than a week."

"Is it possible that she is the one who will take on A-RISE?"

"A trainer who can defeat four Gyms in less than a week could even have the skill to face the Pokémon League Champion."


Honoka's fifth Gym Battle against Maki Nishikino and her Steel-type Pokémon. Maki began to twirl her hair as her third Pokémon was defeated.

"You may have brought me down to one Pokémon, but this battle isn't over yet." Maki sends out her fourth and final Pokémon. "Scizor, time to show off your surgical precision!"

Scizor was summoned onto the battlefield, facing off against Honoka's Charmeleon.

Both Honoka and Maki gave out their order to their Pokémon. "Charmeleon/Scizor, use Metal Claw!"

Both Pokémon's Metal Claws clashed creating a deadlock.

"Do you think that just by beating all of the Gyms and challenging A-RISE would make a difference?" Maki asked. "Even if you manage to defeat the Champion who has never been seen in a long time, do you think that will stop the League from dissolving?"

"Well, I won't know if I don't try," said Honoka. "This is why I’m putting all of my feelings into my Pokémon battles. If I win, then I move on to the next battle. If I lose, I'll just have to get up and try again. Either way, I'm not going to give up on this League!"

Charmeleon began to glow, as if it was responding to Honoka's feelings, growing into a larger winged form. Once the glow faded, the large Fire-type winged lizard's Metal claw managed to push Scizor back.

"Incredible, her Charmeleon evolved into Charizard."

"Go, Charizard! Use Flamethrower!"

Charizard unleashed an intense blast of fire onto Scizor, forcing it to back off.

"Now, finish with Fire Fang!"

Charizard landed its fire-infused fangs on Scizor, knocking it out.

Maki recalled her Scizor. "You did a good job, Scizor. I'll make sure you'll get the best treatment for your recovery."

Honoka hugged her Charizard. "You did it, Charizard!"

Maki walked up to Honoka, presenting Gym badge to the victor. "After that battle, I realized that maybe I was a bit too pessimistic, but seeing how your Charizard responded to your feelings, I think you might have a chance. And since you've earned my Crown Badge, you better not embarrass me by losing to A-RISE, got it?"


The sixth Gym battle against Gym Leader Nico Yawaza was not as easy as Honoka had anticipated as the battle came down to a final battle between Honoka's Lucario against Nico's Weavile. Despite the advantage, Lucario had been hit by a Taunt and Torment from Weavile, causing it to lose its focus on Weavile's high speed movement.

"Lucario, I know you can feel the pressure, but just hold on," Honoka worriedly called out to her Pokémon.

Nico gave the order to her next move."Weavile, use Double Team and follow up with Metal Claw!"

Weavile created after images of itself, leaving Lucario unable to figure out which is its real opponent. Then the real Weavile's Metal Claw struck Lucario, landing a powerful blow.

"Lucario, no!" Honoka began to lose a bit of hope.

Nico sighed as she witnessed Honoka's despair. "What makes you think you can save our Pokémon League if you can't even beat me? I'm disappointed looking at your hopeless face. At the very least, you should try to smile, even if things look tough, otherwise your own Pokémon will think you have given up. After all, just like being an Idol, I have to smile even if I can feel the exhaustion from singing and dancing during my shows. How can I make my fans smile if I'm not smiling?"

Honoka began to smile as calmed herself. "Yeah, I shouldn't give up that easily. I have to smile even if things are tough. Lucario, focus your Aura for an Aura Sphere."

Sensing it's trainer's feelings has calmed down; Lucario was able to focus its aura easily. Lucario then unleashed a pulse of Aura from its paws at the real Weavile among the afterimages, knocking it out.

"You've defeated my amazing team of Idol Pokémon and you managed to smile through your adversity." Nico handed out her Gym Badge to Honoka. "You truly deserve my Smile Badge, so I want you to use your battles as a way to bring smiles to other Trainers and their Pokémon, not just to yourself and your Pokémon."


As Honoka entered the seventh Gym, a voice spoke to her from the darkness.

"The Cards have foretold of your arrival, Miss Honoka."

Honoka looked confused. "What do you mean? Can you predict the future? How will our battle turn out?"

"The cards only predicted your arrival, not the outcome." The lights were turned on, revealing Gym Leader Nozomi Tojo standing on her side of the battle field. "I'm Nozomi Tojo, leader of this Gym. I already know who you are, Miss Honoka. This will be a 2-on-2 double battle. If you knock out both of my Pokémon and you will earn my Gym's badge. Do you accept?"

"Of course. Let's do this."

"Let's go, Lunatone, Solrock! Help us open the door to our dreams."

"Go, Lucario, Gyarados!"

Four Pokémon appeared on the field.

"Solrock, Lunatone, use Psychic!"

"Gyarados, use Dragon Rage! Lucario, use Dark Pulse!"

The four attacks clashed, creating a huge explosion. Before the dust could settle, Honoka gave her next order.

“Lucario, use Extreme Speed to get high up into the air.”

Lucario jumped into the air using Extreme Speed as Honoka gave her next order.

"Gyarados, use surf!"

Gyarados unleash a huge wave of water at Lunatone and Solrock. Lucario calmly landed on Gyarados’ back as the water struck both Lunatone and Solrock, knocking them out at the same time.

"It appears that fortune is in your favour today, Miss Honoka.” Nozomi said with a smile. “And with your victory, I shall grant you the Fortune Badge as proof. And if our battle is any indication, I don’t need to look at the cards to tell me that you will face the Pokémon League Champion. "


As Honoka arrived at the entrance to the eighth Gym, a Pokémon Trainer wearing a red cap exited the Gym and spotted Honoka. "It's nice to see you again, Honoka."

"I know you. You're a regular customer who keeps buying my delicious Manju!"

The red cap wearing Pokémon Trainer smiled. "I see you have collected seven badges in such a short period of time. Just one more badge and you earn the right to face A-RISE and the Champion."

"Well, I didn't expect to make it this far myself. I don't know if I'm even capable of facing A-RISE right now."

"My little sister will be your toughest opponent before you face A-RISE, so I wish you luck in your battle."

The Pokémon Trainer walked away before Honoka could say a word. "Your little sister?"


Honoka entered the gym to find a young blonde girl standing on the other side of an ice-themed battle arena. "Greetings, I'm Alisa Ayase, the Leader of this Gym."

"I'm Honoka Kosaka," Honoka greeted back. "I just talked to your older sister outside the Gym."

"I know. She told me to expect your challenge to me. Did you know that my older sister was the previous Gym Leader before I succeeded her when she became the Champion?"

Honoka was surprised. "Your sister is the League Champion? That means I've been selling my Manju to the Pokémon League Champion all this time without knowing?"

Alisa nodded. "Yes, your Manju is very delicious, Miss Honoka. My sister was the only Pokémon Trainer who managed to defeat all three members of A-RISE and took the title as Pokémon League Champion."

"But why does she want to quit being the Champion? She shouldn't give up so easily just because no one else managed to defeat A-RISE."

Alisa's face became serious when she heard the question. "You have to ask my sister yourself if you wish to know. But before you can do that, you must defeat me in a 4-on-4 Pokémon battle. But I must warn you, my sister has taught me everything I know."

"She did warn me that this isn't going to be easy, so I won't hold back either."

The battle between Honoka and Alisa began with Honoka managing to knock out 3 of Alisa's Pokémon, however Alisa's final Pokémon Glaceon knocked out three of Honoka's Pokémon in quick succession.

Honoka recalled her defeated Pokémon. "Alright, time to send out my trump card. Charizard, I choose you!"

Honoka sent out her Charizard against Alisa’s Glaceon.

"Glaceon, use Ice Shard!"

"Charizard, use Flamethrower to melt those shards."

Glaceon unleashed flying shards of ice at Charizard, but the fire-type lizard responded by melting the shards with Flamethrower.

"Alright, once more, Flamethrower!"

"Glaceon, use Mirror Coat!"

As Glaceon took the damage, it reflected double the damage it received back at Charizard, knocking it to the ground.

"Charizard, are you alright?"

Charizard slowly stood up, giving the thumbs up at Honoka.

Honoka quickly assessed the situation. 'Mirror Coat did quite a lot of damage, but I'm certain Glaceon didn't get through that Flamethrower unscathed. However, if my next Flamethrower doesn't take Glaceon out, Mirror Coat will knock out Charizard. So I have to use Physical attacks.'

"Charizard, attack with Metal Claw!" Charizard flew towards Glaceon, ready to strike with its claws.

"Glaceon, use Barrier!" Glaceon created a protective barrier which blocked Charizard's Metal Claw. Using its momentum, Metal Claw shattered the barrier.

"Now, finish with Fire Fang!" Charizard unleashed its burning fangs on Glaceon, knocking it out, giving Honoka the victory.

"Glaceon, you did a very good job," said Alisa as she recalled her Glaceon. "I lost, but I'm so happy to have such an enjoyable battle with you, Miss Honoka."

Alisa handed out her gym badge to Honoka. "For defeating the Gym Leader, you have been awarded the Snow Badge. With this eighth badge, you are eligible to challenge A-Rise. And if you defeat them, you can challenge my sister, the Pokémon League Champion."


With her eight badges, Honoka went to challenge A-RISE. After three gruelling battles against each member of A-RISE, Honoka managed to come victorious.

Tsubasa recalled her defeated Pokémon. "Impressive. You've managed to defeat all three members of A-RISE. The only other Trainer who has managed to do that was the Champion. "

Tsubasa had a smile on her face. "I've never had such an enjoyable battle. I'm not even disappointed I lost to you, Miss Honoka."

"So, what happens now?" Honoka asked.

"Your next opponent is the Pokémon League Champion. If you defeat her, you will be crowned the next Champion."


Honoka entered a large room that happened to be covered in a mist. As the mist slowly cleared away, the battlefield for the Championship match was revealed. On the other side of the field, the Pokémon Trainer wearing her red cap entered the arena.

"I shouldn't be surprised to see you here, Honoka," said the Trainer. "You did defeat A-Rise, my little sister and the other seven Gym Leaders."

"You're the Pokémon League Champion. Why do you want to leave?" Honoka asked.

“There hasn’t been a Trainer who has managed to defeat all three members of A-RISE other than myself before I became Champion. What’s the point in being a Champion when there isn’t a challenger skilled enough to face me? It isn’t fair to me if I don’t have anyone to challenge to my position as Champion, especially when the only chance for me to even be allowed to battle is an official Pokémon Championship battle. If I do not battle, I will get rusty as a trainer, potentially ruining the integrity of the League and my title.”

"However, because I never had a chance to defend my title, the public had completely forgotten my face, so only people close to me and those who work for the League know who I am. I took the time to do some research on other Pokémon trainers and that's when I learned about a promising young trainer who could have become an amazing Gym Leader who instead chose to make and sell her amazing Manju in her hometown."

"I had thought of forcing you to take on the Pokémon League Challenge, but when I saw the smiles on the faces of those Trainers who bought your delicious Manju, I changed my mind. That's when I decided that if no one manages to challenge me within next three years, I'll retire as League Champion."

"Honoka, what do you plan to do now? You can return home to continue making your Manju or challenge my position as League Champion in a Pokémon battle. What is your choice?"

Honoka closed her eyes. "I'm beginning to understand your situation and I want to say that you're being selfish! Through the various battles I've gone through and the people I've met, I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. "

Honoka opened her eyes and looked at the Champion. "Just because no one else managed to defeat A-RISE does not mean that you can deny other Pokémon Trainers the chance to become a League Champion. Perhaps a stupid league rule about not letting you have any Pokémon Battles you want have made you forgot what it's like to be a Trainer. It that is the case, then I will put the feelings of everyone I've met into this battle."

"I, Honoka Kosaka, will challenge you for your title as Pokémon League Champion!"

"Harasho." The champion smiled as she tossed away her red cap, revealing her long blonde hair. "Then I, Pokémon League Champion Eli Ayase, will accept your challenge. Show me those feelings. Remind me what it's like to be in a Pokémon Battle!"

Both Eli and Honoka tossed their Poké Balls, sending out their Pokémon onto the battlefield.

Eli sent out her Garchomp while Honoka sent out her Gyarados.

"Garchomp, use Dragon Rush!"

"Gyarados, counter with Aqua Tail!"

Garchomp jumped up into the air before and tried to use the momentum of its fall to hit Gyarados. Gyarados swung its tail at Garchomp. The attacks clashed, with Garchomp landing on Gyarados, doing more damage than what Gyarados did to it.

"Garchomp, use Crunch!"

Garchomp landed it's fangs on Gyarados, knocking it out.

"Gyarados, you've helped me get this far. You deserve this rest." Honoka recalled Gyarados. "Time to use my next Pokémon. Go, Lucario!"

Lucario was sent out into battle.

"Lucario, use Dragon Pulse!"

Lucario fired a pulse straight at Garchomp, knocking it out.

"You did well, Garchomp." Eli recalled her Garchomp and sent out her next Pokémon. "Time to show your graceful moves, Gardevoir!"

Gardevoir appeared on the field. "Use Psychic," ordered Eli.

"Lucario, use Extreme Speed to dodge, then follow up with Dark Pulse."

Gardevoir unleash a burst of Psychic energy at Lucario, but Lucario swiftly evaded the attack and struck Gardevoir. Then Lucario followed up by unleashing a pulse of dark energy at Gardevoir, knocking it out.

"It's alright, Gardevoir. Have a good rest." Eli recalled her Gardevoir. "Next up, Beartic!"

"Lucario, return. I'll need you for later." Honoka recalled her Lucario and sent out another Pokémon. "Go, Mamoswine."

Two new Pokémon appeared on the battle field.

"Beartic, use Slash!"

"Mamoswine, use Take Down!"

Mamoswine landed a powerful charge on Beartic, while Beartic managed to strike Mamoswine with its claw.

"Use Icicle Crash, Beartic!" Beartic unleashed large shards of ice at Mamoswine.

"Mamoswine, Ancient Power!" Mamoswine summoned and flung the rocks at Beartic

Both Pokémon's attacks collided, creating a small explosion that hit both Mamoswine and Beartic, causing a double knockout.

"Harasho, I haven't felt such an exciting battle in a long time," Eli said as she recalled her Beartic.

Honoka recalled her Mamoswine. "I'm glad you're enjoying it, Eli."

"However, this battle isn't over yet. My title as Champion is on the line, so I'm not going to give it to you so easily."

"I wouldn't expect you to," said Honoka.

"Go, Nidoqueen."

"Sceptile, time for you to shine."

Eli sent out her Nidoqueen while Honoka sent out Sceptile.

"Nidoqueen, attack with Poison Jab."

"Sceptile, strike with Leaf Blade."

Sceptile's leaf blade struck Nidoqueen, but Nidoqueen landed a powerful poison-infused punch on Sceptile, inflicting poison onto the Grass-type Pokémon.

"Oh no, Sceptile!"

"Nidoqueen, finish Sceptile with Venoshock."

"Not yet, Sceptile put everything you have into your next attack. Leaf Storm!"

Sceptile focused every last bit of its energy into itself, creating a powerful storm of leaves. Sceptile then unleashed the storm of leaves straight at Nidoqueen before it could land its Venoshock, knocking Nidoqueen out.

"You did it, Sceptile," Honoka cheered. "Have a good rest."

Sceptile gave nodded with a smile at his trainer before fainting from the poison. Honoka recalled Sceptile while Eli recalled her Nidoqueen.

"It's alright, Nidoqueen. Just rest." Eli sent out her next Pokémon. "Delphox, time to dazzle in this battle."

"Lucario, time for you to return to the stage."

Honoka sent out her Lucario onto the field while Eli's Delphox appeared from its Poké Ball.

"Use Dark Pulse."

"Trap Lucario with Fire Spin!" Delphox used it's wand to create a spiral of fire surrounding Lucario.

"Lucario, no!"

"Now, finish Lucario with Mystical Fire." Delphox took out its fire wand and spun it, creating a ring of fire. Using the wand, Delphox sends the fire ring straight at Lucario, knocking Lucario out.

Honoka recalled her Lucario. "Thanks, Lucario. You did everything you could to take me this far."

'Both Eli and I have two Pokémon left. I don't know what Eli's last Pokémon is, so the only thing I can do is fight fire with fire.'

"Go, Charizard!" Honoka sent out her Charizard. "Use Blast Burn!"

Charizard unleashed a powerful burst of flame at Delphox, overwhelming it with enough power to knock Delphox out.

"Harasho, you trained your Charizard well," Eli said as she recalled her Delphox.

"Charizard was the very first Pokémon I had," Honoka explained. "I've won battles with it when it was still a Charmander during my early days as a Pokémon Trainer, especially in my battles with my friends Kotori and Umi."

"Now that I've met your first Pokémon, I think it's only fair that you should meet my first Pokémon who has been with me since I began my journey. Empoleon, I choose you!"

Eli sent out her final Pokémon, the water and steel-type Empoleon.

Knowing that her Charizard is at a disadvantage, Honoka quickly recalled her Charizard. "Charizard, return."

"Go, Jolteon." Honoka sent out her Jolteon. "Start with Thunderbolt."

"Empoleon, attack with Aqua Jet."

Before Jolteon could use Thunderbolt, Empoleon covered itself in water and dashed towards Jolteon, catching Jolteon by surprise. Empoleon struck Jolteon, knocking it out in one hit.

"And now, it all comes down to a battle between our strongest Pokémon," Eli said. "This will determine the victor of this battle.

After recalling Jolteon, Honoka looked at Charizard's Poké Ball in her hand. "No matter what happens, Charizard, I'm proud to make it this far with you. Let's do this!"

Honoka sent out her Charizard.

"Empoleon, use Aqua Jet."

"Charizard, dodge and use Flamethrower!"

Empoleon covered itself in a bubble of water before it dashed towards Charizard, but Charizard evaded the attack and flew above Empoleon and breath out a stream of flames on Empoleon, doing damage.

Both Empoleon and Charizard looked at each other with mutual respect.

"Empoleon/Charizard, use Metal Claw!" Both Trainers ordered their Pokémon.

The two Pokémon's Metal Claws clashed, creating a deadlock.

"This battle is fun while it lasted, but now it's time to end it," said Eli.

Honoka nodded in agreement. "Yes, let's end it."

"Charizard, use Blast Burn!"

"Empoleon, use Hydro Cannon!"

Both Charizard and Empoleon unleashed their most powerful attacks at each other, causing an explosion of steam from the combination of the powerful fire and water-type attacks.

As the steam cleared, Empoleon collapsed from exhaustion while Charizard remain standing.

After recalling her Empoleon, Eli walked up to Honoka and hugged her. "Congratulations, Honoka Kosaka. You are the new Pokémon League Champion."

"I won?" Honoka couldn't believe it. She looked at her Charizard as it nodded with a smile.


Chairperson Minami entered the arena carrying a trophy. Behind her were the Eight Gym Leaders who followed in to congratulate the Champion.

"Miss Honoka Kosaka, I wish to congratulate you on becoming the new Pokémon League Champion." Chairperson Minami handed Honoka the Championship Trophy.

Chairperson Minami looked at Eli. "Also, during the battle, I made some phone calls to some very important people in the League and talked to them about the concerns that you had made, Miss Eli."

"What did they say?" Eli asked.

"Everyone agreed that some very important changes will need to be made to the League rules. The League will remove the restriction on battles imposed on the Champion with immediate effect today. The Champion is free to participate in any Pokémon Battle. Obviously the only time the Champion is allowed to put their title on the line when an eligible Pokémon Trainer challenges the Champion for the title."

Eli smiled. "That's good to hear, Chairperson. That means you can participate in any battles you want, Honoka."

Eli turned around to find Honoka climbing onto her Charizard's back.

"Wait, where are you going, Honoka?"

"I have to go home," Honoka answered. "I'm pretty sure there are some customers who would love my famous Manju and I haven't had the chance to make any for a while, so I need to make sure I can keep up with the demand for it."

"You're abandoning your title as League Champion right after earning it?"

"Of course not, Eli. If anyone wants to have a Pokémon battle with me, they'll know where to find me. All they have to do is ask. Let's go home, Charizard." Honoka's Charizard flew off to the sky towards the Homura Sweet Shop.

Chairperson Minami realized that she forgot to tell Honoka some important piece of news. "Wait, Miss Kosaka doesn't know that since she is the new Pokémon League Champion now, the Pokémon League won't get dissolved."

"It's alright, Chairperson Minami," said Eli. "She'll find out eventually."



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