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Title: A Warlock and his Witch
Rating: G
Prompt: ‘Inhale the future, exhale the past.’- Unknown
Fandom/series: Code;Geass
Word Count: 993
Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s)
Summary: September 2018. This is the year that Lelouch Vi Britannia, 99th emperor of Britannia was killed. But perhaps that is only by name. What if…he was alive?

A Warlock and his Witch

C.C smiles, a feeling and emotion unnatural for her. A pleasant sensation. She gazes onto the rich blue skies, swirling with luscious white clouds. How peaceful. She lay content and warm, on top of the haystack, as the carriage she was situated in rattled on, the birds singing. The past events that occurred kept playing in her mind. “Geass…The power of a king, isolates people. Maybe that’s not quite correct. Right, Lelouch?” She says smiling, tilting her head upwards, her lime green hair shining against the rich sunlight. Breathing in the fresh country air, the scenery grew more beautiful. Grass hills scattered with colourful, blossoming flowers and gentle streams of fresh water flowing past, greeted her curious eye. A magnificent monarch butterfly came fluttering around her, its wings reminding her of a pizza slice scattered with olives.

“Are you happy? After all that’s happened…You will never see Suzaku and Nunnally again. You will always and forever be hated in history. ‘The demon dictator prince’, hated by his family and killed by his very own best friend. Not that anyone would know,” C.C says, the butterfly landing on the bridge of her nose. The carriage kept onwards, the horses neighing occasionally before a deep voice spoke.

“C.C, this new world brought by the Zero Requiem has brought a peaceful present and future not only for Nunnally but for the world. I have done great evil and for that, this is my retribution. It is my way of atoning for the sins I have committed. Though I may not see them again, I am still happy. The world may be in concord; however I feel like I have finally come to peace with my body and mind. I destroyed the world yet I created it anew.” Lelouch says calmly. He takes the reigns and urges the horses to take a faster pace. Disguised as a farmer, he smirks, pulling his hat down, concealing his infamous face from sight. A slight breeze picks up, his collar fluttering, revealing the geass insignia placed on his neck. An immortal code bearer. His smirk falters, quickly covering it from sight yet the memories come crashing back in a wave of turmoil. The geass. His command. ‘Begone.’ ‘Pathetic fool.’ ‘Abandoned us.’ Charles. Father. Tears. Pain. Anguish. Nunnally. Nunnally. NUNNALLY. Drops of sweat form on Lelouch’s forehead as he shuts the troubling and nostalgic memories out of his conscious.

Lelouch reminisces, so slightly about his father. One who was perhaps the most powerful man in this world - only to be defeated by the power of Geass. Lelouch touches his neck, feeling the mark. He had killed his father, with his highest state of geass. By doing so, his code, his immortality was activated once Suzaku had stabbed him. C.C peeps over from above the haystack, calling for Lelouch, snapping him out of his thoughts. Climbing over, she sits next to him, holding a neatly folded pink paper crane.

“This crane. Is it a keepsake from Nunnally to remind yourself of her?” C.C questions, delicately touching the folds as she swings her legs, to and fro. Being received with silence, she continues on. “Nunnally knows of what you did. Your memories entered her conscious when she touched your hand as you had activated the code. Just like what happened to us before. It seems so long ago…How does that make you feel Lelouch?” She ponders. Sighing Lelouch replies.

“At first, I was happy that my sister was aware of what I had done. The truth. That her thoughts didn’t mirror what the rest of the world saw of me. Yet I know I leave her in greater pain, now that she knows. Although my thoughts conflict, Suzaku will take care of her and make her happy. That, I am sure of.” He mutters out, taking a deep breath. “Oh and C.C please refrain from calling me Lelouch. I am not Lelouch Vi Britannia nor Lelouch Lamperouge anymore. Those identities are long behind me. Such names are dead, buried along with who I once was.” He states, looking ahead as C.C glances at him.

“Then what shall I call you?” C.C asks, the butterfly once again appearing as rice fields entered their surroundings.

“Call me R2.” Lelouch jokes.

“R2?” C.C asks in surprise, thinking of how she was called C2 and V.V, V2

“Rurushu Ranperuji. That is my name in Japanese. R.R. R2. Befitting isn’t it? My name will match yours now.” He says smiling under his hat.

“And why would you want to match mine?”

“Why, we are warlock and witch after all. I told you once before didn’t I? ‘If you are a witch, then I will become your warlock.’ Don’t you recall C.C? We are now both immortal, appropriate of our status.” He says.

“You still remember that?” She asks in slight disbelief.

“Why of course, as well as the promise I made to make you smile,” Lelouch says glancing at her. C.C remains silent, looking away, a slight smile on her lips. He had already fulfilled that promise. She wouldn’t be alone anymore. Never again.

“C.C, don’t you think it’s strange that I have Geass in both my eyes as well as the code of immortality? You and Charles both lost your Geass once activating your code.” Lelouch questions as he sees Jeremiah and Anya off in the distance, plucking oranges. They had almost arrived.

“Hmm who can say? I believe it’s because I have given you your geass but you received your code by killing Charles, your father. Unlike Charles and I who received our codes by killing the one who gave us our Geass.” She ponders out.

“A new power then,” Lelouch chuckles out.

“Yes, the power of a God, not a King anymore... I think I have a suitable name.” C.C says smiling.

“Hmm? What is it?” Lelouch asks, curious to hear.

“Code;Geass.” She utters out. Lelouch smiles.

“Code;Geass Indeed.”


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