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Title: Choose Me!
Rating: G
Prompt: They did not know it was impossible, so they did it. – Mark Twain
Fandom/Series: Hunter x Hunter
Word Count: 682
Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s).
Summary: Leorio and Kuroro are fighting over who would be a better date for Kurapika.

Choose Me!

Leorio: Hey Kurapika let’s go out.


Kurapika: …We’re already outside.


Leorio: I mean… let’s go out on a date!


Kurapika: Um no offence Leorio but I’d rather not.


Leorio: Why not? We’re already friends so what’s wrong with taking another step further?


Kurapika: A lot. I think it’s better if we just stay friends.


Leorio: Aw come on Kurapika how do you know you won’t like it if you haven’t tried it. Please just one date…


Kurapika: Leorio I really don’t…


Leorio: Please!


Kuroro: Why don’t you give it up? He already said no.


Kurapika: You! *Eyes turn scarlet*


Kuroro: Hey there beautiful.


Leorio: Oi! Who are you calling beautiful?!


Kuroro: Why don’t you ditch this guy and go on a date with me instead.


Kurapika: What?!


Kuroro: You heard me.


Leorio: Don’t ignore me!


Kuroro: *Sigh* Can’t you see we’re having a very important conversation here.


Leorio: Like hell you are and what do you think you’re doing asking him out?! He’s with me if you haven’t noticed!


Kuroro: Oh really because I recall he rejected your offer a moment ago.


Leorio: He didn’t reject it!


Kurapika: Actually I did… but it doesn’t mean I’ll go out with you either!


Kuroro: Why not? I’m sure I’m better than this buffoon.


Leorio: Who are you calling a buffoon and in what way are you a better date for Kurapika than me?!


Kuroro: Well for one… he seems much more excited to see me than you. His eyes even turned scarlet.


Leorio: That’s from anger!


Kuroro: So? They still turned red when they saw me, not you.


Kurapika: Um… Can I say something?


Leorio: Not now Kurapika.


Kurapika: *Glares*


Leorio: Oh hey look! He can get angry at me too.


Kurapika: That’s not a good thing!


Kuroro: See even he agrees with me.


Leorio: What?! But you-


Kuroro: Besides it’s obvious I’m the better choice for him. I’ve even met his family already.


Leorio: Yeah, when you murdered them!


Kuroro: That happened several years ago. Why don’t you let it go already?


Leorio: Kurapika hasn’t let it go! Have you forgotten the time in York Shin when he was trying to destroy you and the Ryodan?!


Kuroro: We both like books.


Leorio: Don’t change the subject! Wait, what are you talking about?


Kuroro: I’m talking about the fact that both Kurapika and I like to read books.


Kurapika: Since when do you know what books I like?


Leorio: Exactly and for your information I read books all the time!


Kuroro: Not including medical books?


Leorio: Uh… well… I’m planning to read other books in the future and I bet it’ll be the same ones Kurapika has read, right Kurapika?


Kurapika: I don’t know Leorio I read some pretty big, sophisticated books…


Leorio: Wha! What are you implying?!


Kuroro: *Snickers*


Leorio: What are you laughing at?!


Kuroro: The fact that he basically called you stupid. Isn’t that right Kurapika?


Leorio: He did not! Right Kurapika?


Kurapika: … *Looks away*


Leorio: Ok maybe I’m not as smart as Kurapika or… you but there is something way more important than books that Kurapika and I have in common that you don’t.


Kuroro: Oh, enlighten me.


Leorio: We’re both not thieves and murderers!


Kurapika: Didn’t Gon catch you stealing some fish at the docks and didn’t you tell me to kill that guy in the Hunter Exam?


Leorio: Kurapika you’re not helping and that’s different. Those were… justified.


Kuroro: And what makes you so sure my actions weren’t justified as well?


Leorio: You call killing a whole clan just to sell their eyes for money justified?!


Kuroro: Well I admit that was a mistake, which it why I’m going to start making amends for it right now by taking Kurapika to dinner.


Leorio: How is that making amends?! Kurapika let me a friend take you to dinner.


Kuroro: Precisely you’re just a friend so let me-


Leorio: At least I’m not his sworn enemy!


Kuroro/Leorio: Well? Who are you going to choose Kurapika?!


Kurapika: Hmm… Let me think about it… Neither! *Punches both in the face* …Idiots.


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