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Title: Scarlet Eyes
Rating: PG
Prompt: Inhale the future. Exhale the past. – Unknown
Fandom/Series: Hunter x Hunter
Word Count: 540
Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s).
Summary: The existence of scarlet eyes from Kurapika’s perspective.

Scarlet Eyes

I don’t understand.
Why were these eyes created?
What purpose could they possibly hold?
To enter this world and be desecrated?

These things implanted in my head.
Predetermined by birth,
passed down from generation to generation.
But what were they worth?

Actually, that’s not right.
Let me retract that question,
and instead answer me this:
How did they become such an obsession?

I understand they are the proof of our existence,
this genetic mutation only we possess.
Some may say, the pride of our clan.
But to others, what could they possibly express?

These orbs that start off grey,
but once fuelled with anger
transform into a dark, glowing red.
Tell me, why do they attract so much danger?

All the pain and the suffering,
the death and the sorrow,
the blood and the tears shed on that day…
Give us back our tomorrow!

I am aware the spiders came and stole it.
But that would’ve never happened
if these things had just never existed.
I wouldn’t have been abandoned!

I wish I could turn back time,
go up to the fool who gave us this curse
and punch him straight across the face.
It’s not like matters could get any worse.

I have already lost everything,
buried all that I hold dear.
Forever tormented by the past,
I watch and I see my future disappear.

Forced to relinquish all my dreams,
my hopes and my ambitions.
Replaced only with thoughts of revenge,
justice and endless missions.

Revenge on those who slew,
justice for those who were slain,
endless missions piled onto this small frame.
How could the world be so inhumane?

Many years have passed before me.
I have watched myself grow,
I have witnessed many things,
I have seen where our red gems go…

And it truly sickens me!
To watch as my clan gets auctioned off,
sold to some disgusting, rich pig,
strained to hold down a well-deserved scoff.

I wonder what went through their minds,
as they placed such ridiculous prices
on objects that caused so much destruction.
Do they not feel guilt over all the sacrifices?

Well, I suppose the answer is clear as
no one is stopping this god-awful transaction.
Willing to trample on the lives of others
just for their own twisted satisfaction.

Like a crow feeding on it’s prey.
Clawing and biting at lifeless remains.
Unfazed by the flowing crimson juice,
which eventually become permanent stains.

Now here’s a speculation of mine.
Take this possibility of appeal like a flood.
Ever take a closer look at my eyes?
Ever notice their resemblance to blood?

The debatably beautiful symbol of life.
A fluid in a vivid shade of red
circulating within the living,
that turns dull only after bloodshed.

However, that is not the case with us.
Our red continues to glow even after death.
Our anger remains trapped in these globes,
captured emotions during our final breath.

Perhaps these satisfy humanity’s fixation on blood.
Perhaps seeing them and owning them
allows the sensation of dominance over life.
Or perhaps it’s for an entirely different outcome.

Well, for what reasons they attract,
I honestly don’t feel the need to demand.
But, for what reasons these eyes were even made,
I honestly don’t understand.


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