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 Nothing Is Illuminated 
- By Belinda Tomov
Cyrus and Skadi haven't done anything wrong. 
(Except for that whole business is Sector 12 with the underground mecha battles and the grand theft auto. That had been a slight misjudgement on their part.)
And it's hardly their fault when Sector 16 is overrun by the results of the Biolab's Preservation Initiative over in 15. Soon the place is swarming with the gas masks that define the Janitor Collective, and the independent contractors being hired by the government to contain and clean up the mess. It's hampering their auto repair business, and dashed inconvenient to boot. Cyrus is miffed, but Skadi soon sees an opportunity to find out what lies beyond Gate 15, all while testing out the equipment they absconded with from Sector 12 and doing it with the government's dime. 
What follows is a rollicking adventure involving pachinko parlours, technomancy, the mayor's Shadow Cabinet, the Central Symphonic Orchestra, and the trouble that comes with poking your nose into someone else's business as you chase after your next, elusive paycheque. 
For Cyrus and Skadi, it's simply their next endeavour in the backlanes of Neon City. 


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