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This year we received a lot of amazing entries, and would like to congratulate Belinda on her entry entitled "Nothing Is Illuminated."

Our Runner-Ups for this year:
BIT Necromancer with "Reality vs. Humanity."

Also getting a special Judge's Commendation is Jonathan, with the entry "N.O.A.H."

All these entries may be read by clicking the hyperlink on the entry names, or scrolling through the previous posts.

We would like to encourage everyone who entered this year to keep writing, and enter again next year!

Happy Writing Everyone!
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Thank you to everyone who entered the 2016 SMASH! FanFiction Competition, and congratulations to the winners and runner-ups for this year! 

*Ficlet Entries*
Requiem (Your Lie in April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) WINNER!! (91/105)
Scarlet Eyes (Hunter x Hunter) Judges' Choice 
Good For Nothing (Bungou Stray Dogs) (76/105)
A Warlock and his Witch (Code;Geass) (79/105)
Words Only I Could Hear (Koi No Katachi) (82/105)
Goodbye Cards Hello New Zealand (Yugioh) (59/105)
The Adventures of Pokemon and Flufferknuckle (Pokemon) (50/105)
Choose Me! (Hunter x Hunter) (70.5/105)
Of Island Winds (Danganronpa) (74/105)

*Short Story Entries*
and i will never want much more (NO.6) WINNER!! 
Never Accept Your Demons (Seraph of the End/Owari no Seraph) Runner-Up 
Dating (the hard way) (Kuroko no Basuke) Runner-Up 
Love Novels (Love Live!) (84/105)
Interview With A Human Sacrifice (Fullmetal Alchemist) (91/105)
Friend (Hunter x Hunter) (73.5/105)
Dead Speak (Death Note) (76/105)
I've Loved You For A Thousand Years (I'll Love You For A Thousand More) (Bungou Stray Dogs) (87.5/105)
Code Geass: Penultimate Contract (Code;Geass) (75/105)
Love Live! X Pokémon: Pokémon Trainer Project (Love Live!/Pokemon) (78.5/105)
Wings of Freedom (Shingeki no Kyojin) (76/105)
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SMASH! 2015 Fanfiction Competition is now close to online voting.

We have 20 entries across 14 fandoms from 16 authors.

Thank you to all the authors who participated and the people who took the time to vote.

Happy reading! ^_^

Category 1: <1000 words
Winner: * Let Death Come [Baccano!] by Night
* Table for Two [Tokyo Ghoul] by natsubaki

* Beautiful Smile [Naruto] by PikaFlash
* Savarin [Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul :re] by natsubaki

* Primal Instinct [Axis Powers Hetalia] by fanfic-she-wrote
* Compare and Contrast [Tokyo Ghoul] by suzakuXeuphemia
* Destroyer of Time [D.Gray-man] by arcticdragon
* a cautionary tale [Tokyo Ghoul] by kurohswife
Top score: 32.67

Category 2: >1000 words
Winner: * warped genesis [Tokyo Ghoul] by kurohswife
Judges' Choice: * Lesser of Two Evils [Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji] by Thugisa
* The Entertainer's Handbook [D.Gray-man] by arcticdragon
* You and Me (and Him) [Naruto] by fangirlandiknowit
* young and beautiful [GANGSTA] by arcangelos
* to those who succumb to fate [Princess Tutu] by truth2teatold
* The day you gave to me. [Persona 3] by BIT Necromancer
* Behind the Clouds [Naruto/One Piece/Fairy Tail/Bleach] by librastar
* The Blood of Legends [Fire Emblem: Awakening] by Commander Freddy
* It All Comes Down to Animals [NO. 6] by MadHatterNO.7
* comfortable routines [Love Live!] by kurohswife
* azimuthal projection [Haikyuu!!] by pyrophane
Top score: 34.67
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SMASH! 2014 Fanfiction Competition is now finished.

We had 21 entries across 17 fandoms from 15 authors.

Thank you to all the authors who participated and the people who took the time to vote.

Category 1: <1000 words
Winner: * Damn the hero [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan] by Luna
* The Vulpine Princess [Naruto] by Pikaflash
* One For Sorrow [Death Note] by Lucy Kajiura
* Thanatophobia [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan] by Hestia
* Infinite [Final Fantasy Type-0] by Ventus Phoenix
* Together we are strong [Haikyuu!!] by arctic_dragon
* The Fanalis in Chains [Magi: Labyrinth of Magic] by Hestia
Top score: 31.17

Category 2: >1000 words
Winner: * Not About Cake [Axis Powers Hetalia] by Commander Freddy
Judges' Choice: * 104th [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan] by Kyadera
* Classified [Hoozuki no Reitetsu] by Plehography
* confectionary sugar [Hyouka] by truth2teatold
* The Spirit of Celebration [Natsume Yuujinchou] by arctic_dragon
* Time Slipped Away [Professor Layton and the Lost Future] by ForgottenFriend
* Requiem [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan] by Kyadera
* The Haruhi Suzumiya and Friends’ Special Pokémon Tournament [MISC.;Pokémon, Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.] by Pikaflash
* Words not spoken. [Kuroko no Basuke] by arctic_dragon
* The Untold Story of Oga Tatsumi [Beelzebub] by James Nuccum
* A Wonderful Tea Time [K-on] by Pikaflash
* Rinse and repeat [Naruto] by FrolicOfHerOwn
* I'll come running [The girl who leapt through time.] by stephage
* Happy Birthday Kyoya-Senpai! [Ouran High School Host Club] by MyFrozenSanctuary
Top Score: 32.99
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SMASH! Fanfiction Competition 2013 is now finished.

I'd like to thank all our participants, as well as our fantastic judges and the people who took the time to fill out our public voting form.

Please take the time to read the fanfics from our awesome participants and then leave a comment for the author.

Thank you.

Category 1: <1000 words
Winner: Spirited Phantasm Aftermath [Touhou Project and Fate/stay night] by Pensive Rumination Observer
* Abort and redirect. [One Piece] by arctic dragon
* The Unknown [Neon Genesis Evangelion] by Kamui Shiro
* The Making of Kaiba's Revelations [YuGiOh] by Enchanter/Enchan
* Take a breath; you're going to war. [D.Gray-man] by arctic dragon
* Valentine's day ficlet [Sket Dance]
* Unintentional Affection [Super Mario] by Bill

Category 2: >1000 words
Winner: "Alone Together" [Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy] by Razer Athane
Judges' Choice: The Day the Snow Stopped Falling [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya] by RustyBlade
* In Recent Memory [Shingeki no Kyojin] by Rugiku
* Heart and Happiness [Mario] by Paint.A.Smile
* Driven to Insanity [Hetalia] by EngManx97
* Just Give Me a Smile [Cardcaptor Sakura] by PolarBlue
* The Exploration of a Certain Dragon's Mind [Fairy Tail] by Miss Pavalova
* The SOS Brigade’s Battle of the Anime Characters [MISC., Haruhi Suzumiya, Naruto, Lucky Star] by PikaFlash
* a man gone mad [Steins;Gate] by LoneGothic
* Cry to the Moon (Series Epilogue) [X TV] by Wynter
* Daydream Syndrome [Axis Powers Hetalia] by L. E Trickery
* Just So You Know [Angelic Layer] by Wynter
* Yuki; of the wolf children [The Wolf Children] by stephage
* Daughter of Hope [Fire Emblem: Awakening] by Ventus Phoenix
* Disturbances in SOLDIER [Final Fantasy 7] by Enchanter/Enchan
* "Eon" [Final Fantasy X] by Razer Athane
* An episode of Ayanami Rei [Neon Genesis Evangelion] by Kamui Shiro
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SMASH! 2012 Fanfic Competition voting is now closed.

Please take the time to read the fanfic from our awesome participants and leave a comment for the author.

Thank you.

Category 1- Prompt: Deceit
Winner:[Mawaru Penguindrum/Utena/Madoka Magica] she who saves the world by LoneGothic
[The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/K-ON!] K(y)ON by Rusty Blade
[Code Geass] The last night by Kamui Shiro
[Naruto] Love Collage by Winters Gale
[Sailor Moon] The Painting: A Phoenix Rises ShonaM
[Final Fantasy XIII-2] One Man, One Year, and Two Sides of a Whole by Karoru
[Hetalia: Axis Powers] For the Love of a Lily by Blunbear
[Vocaloid] Sophisticated Simplicity by AAJL
[Shugo Chara!] Shugo Chara! - The Next Chapter by kawaiichick98
[Sugar Sugar Rune] Crimson Red by Amulet Neko
[Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood] Father... by KoshiroEmika

Category 2- Prompt: “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” quote by Josh Billings
Winner:[Final Fantasy Type-0] The Cardmaster by Ventus Phoenix
Judges' Choice: [Sengoku Basara/Alice in Wonderland] Basara in Wonderland by Rugiku
[Pokemon/Digimon/Misc.] Not an Ordinary Game by PikaFlash
[Kuroko no Basket] It's fine until someone wants to win the game. by arctic dragon
[Code Geass] The Plan by Kamui Shiro
[Vampire Knight] Together again... by Chibiusai

Winners listed first. Other entries listed in no particular order.
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The SMASH! fanfiction competition had a wonderful turnout this year with some improvement on on last year's competition statistics.

There were a total of 16 stories entered across both categories written by 13 authors across 13 fandoms. Altogether there were more than 42,000 words written.

I would like to thank all the entrants and hard working judges for their time and effort.

Category 1-
Prompt: Disaster
Winner: Do I have to take it off? [Bleach] by Succulent Mushroom
Getting On
[Naruto] [by TheCheez
Tea Party of Death
[Kuroshitsuji/Naruto/Harry Potter] by Friendly_Alien
[Final Fantasy VII]  by Razer Athane
Who We Are
[Tekken] by Razer Athane
Missing you [Kaichou wa Maid Sama!]
by xxMy_Melodyxx
Home is where the hurt is
[D.Gray-man]  by Rugiku

Category 2- Prompt: "There are no happy ending because nothing ever ends." -Smendrick the Wizard, The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
Winner: Far Side of the Moon [Katanagatari] by Loki-chan
Judge's Choice: Pathway [Kingdom Hearts] by Razer Athane
Forgive Me [Naruto] by Duckiieee
Timeless [The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi]
by LaUndeniable
Pieces of a Circle [Bleach] by TANgled DEStiny
Konata Izumi's Big Bite Special Edition:
Reminisce Café [Lucky Star]  by Pikaflash
Morning [Naruto] by TheCheez
Out Running Fate [Final Fantasy XIII] by LadyPeneloSolidor
Sometimes, being a hero means being the villain [Katekyou Kitman Reborn]
by Dr Bossu

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Once again the competition has been a great success and improved on last year's competition statistics.
There were a total of 16 stories entered across both categories written by 13 authors across 10 fandoms. Altogether there were more than 21,500 words entered for the competition and I would like to thank all the entrants and hard working judges for their contribution.

Under 18s
Winner: Eternal Night by Chilli (Link)
Emptiness by Lanxal
Illusion by Rugiku (Link)
Sake Tree Festival by Rugiku (Link)

Over 18s
Winner: Hero by Razer Athane (Link)
Judge's Award: In Memory of a Bond by Narelle Bailey
Reflection by Razer Athane (Link)
Hero Jupiter's Moon by Fault
Chocolate Coated Bananas by PikaFlash (Link)
Unseeing by The Cheez (Link)
Overexposed by Kirishima Ayama (霧島綾真) (Link)
Birds of a Feather by ch1ps0h0y (Link)
Just Dinner by Aleeta
Baby Blues by Aleeta
Stranger by Lady Crocodile
Because I knew You by Joreleroo (not on site due to author request)

Please read and review each other entries. It would be great to get opinions from fellow entants.

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